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This will include any Medical or Trauma related illness or injury.  We are contracted to ALL Medical Aids in the event of an emergency.  If you are unsure if your medical aid will cover the treatment and transportation of yourself or your loved one, contact our control centre and they will advise you of your best solution forward.  If you are not on any Medical Aid Scheme, you will still be able to make use of Gardmed’s services; you will receive a discounted private account once you have been transported to the nearest medical facility.

A few of our Emergencies will include the following:

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We have procedural operational plans in place with all Hospitals regarding:

We cover all types of IOD’s, and handle all paperwork. We are directly involved with Workman’s’ Compensation to ensure that all claims are dealt with speedily and effectively. This is a core focus area as companies strive to offer their employees an A to Z service that takes care of any emergency/injury that may occur whilst on duty. We utilize the new “Umehluko” system that replaced the old claims process on the 1st August 2014, ensuring that we have the latest training and knowledge when it comes to IOD uploads and claims. We are in affiliation with COID Consult, a consulting firm that assists employers with the use of the new Umehluko system to ensure swift and prompt claims processes and uploads, with other various services such as TTD claims. We assist the employer to the best of our ability to offer a greater and complete service. We work with all hospital and Medical Centre groups to assist the employer with their sick and injured employee/s.
We also offer First Aid, Fire and Safety training to companies and supply First Aid kits to enable companies to comply with the Occupational Health and Safety Act (84 of 1996).


This is a vital service as it applies to the disadvantaged members of our population who are exposed to the horrors of vehicle accidents on our roads.

If you have been involved in a motor vehicle accident and is transported to a medical facility, and you are not on a medical aid scheme, we will bill the RAF accordingly for your treatment and transportation.


An integral part of our overall service is dedicated to event "stand-by's", these are divided into the following categories;

Sport Stand-By's

These events vary from small club road races to Iron Man Competitions and World Cup Soccer. We have done duty at the following high profile events.

Cultural Events

These include corporate events (SAB and British American Tobacco) and conferences, Stage Theatre Events and large musical concerts such as Neil Diamond and the rock group Seether.

Major Construction/Building Stand-By's

These include the building of the Coega Harbour, construction of Stages for events, the pouring of concrete on building sites and the loading and construction of oil rig pipes etc.


Gardmed Ambulance Service is contracted to ALL Medical Aids and IOD’s. These are just a few of the Medical Aids we cover:

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Save this number to Save a Life | 082 653 5881