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Level 1-3/2-3

This course is designed to provide the participant with a more extensive medical knowledge with greater emphasis being placed on Medical Emergencies, other conditions and situation that is not covered in the Level One training. This course is ideal for someone who wants more information to treat a greater range of patient(s), team leaders of workplace emergency response teas and/or someone wanting to enter into the medical profession be it medical, paramedical, nursing, physiotherapy, etc.

This comprehensive course covers a wide range of First Aid emergencies, enabling all participants to:


Level 1-3/2-3: 40 hours spread over at least 5 days. Ideally, the course should be run over 5 consecutive days, but we have the flexibility to accommodate your specific needs if you so desire.

Course Content / Modules Covered

A wide range of subjects is covered including:

If your organisation has a specific area of training that is not included, or you require a more in-depth session then we can accommodate you by providing additional training in that particular subject.

Entrance Requirement

Grade 9 educational level or equivalent – please submit proof with registration form.


Subject to assessment, all participants will be issued with a First Aid Level (3) Three certificate approved by the Department of Labour.

This qualification is valid for 3 years which can be renewed by attending a suitable 3 day re-qualification course

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