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First Aid Level One is the first course that should be completed should you want to learn the basics of helping someone that is injured or fallen ill.

This course is also the minimum required training needed by employers to comply with Regulation 3(4) of General Safety Regulations of the Occupational Health & Safety Act, 1993 “employers should provide a safe and healthy environment for their employees”.

This comprehensive course covers a wide range of First Aid emergencies, enabling all participants to:


A minimum of 16 hours spread over at least 2 days. Ideally, the course should be run over 2 consecutive days, but we have the flexibility to accommodate your specific needs if you so desire.

Course Content / Modules Covered

A wide range of subjects is covered including:

If your organisation has a specific area of training that is not included, or you require a more in-depth session then we can accommodate you by providing additional training in that particular subject.


Subject to assessment, all participants will be issued with a First Aid Level (1) One certificate approved by the Department of Labour.

This qualification is valid for 3 years which can be renewed by attending a suitable 1 day re-qualification course.


If you would like to attend or enquire when our courses are running kindly call or email us at or download our quote enquiry form here.

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